Westover Medical Plaza - Medical Office For Lease

Looking for a new place or about to renew your lease?  See how much you can gain from getting into established medical neighborhood with over 10,000 patient referral base next door.

New Medical Office Building, second phase of Westover Medical Plaza development at Westover Hills and Culebra:

  • Anchored by 3 primary care practices - Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics with over 10,000 patient base referral source
  • Perfect location for specialists to establish presence at Westover Hills
  • Great growth opportunity and special rate discount for a Primary Care
  • Traffic count 48,169 VPD
  • Under 2 miles from CSR Hospital, yet free of any deed restrictions and hospital compete services - ASC, Imaging, etc.
  • Overall cost of rent significantly lower compared to hospital joined professional building - No Ground Lease, Shared Utilities, Occupied/Shared overhead
  • Your patients will appreciate ample parking right in front of your office vs. long walks and shuttle carts in a prof/ building
  • Direct access from both Westover Hills Blvd. and Culebra road
  • Large Sign on Culebra with a 5' x 3' panel for each tenant

    Westover Hills is the fastest growing area in San Antonio with large referral base and highest demand for specialists across all Texas urban areas.

  $24/sqft Triple Net Lease, Up to 15,000 sqft available

Getting a lower base rate quote from a large professional building? Make sure you compare Apples-to-Apples. Get answers to these questions and calculate the Net Rate:

  • What is projected NNN?
  • What is leasable vs. occupied overhead?
  • What are projected utilities, are they paid directly or as an averaged pass through?

Typical large professional building will have over $10 NNN, 12% leasable vs. occupied difference, and close to $6/sqft pass through utility bill. So, the $19 base rate ends up at $39/sqft Net. Projected first year net rate at Westover Medical Plaza is $26/sqft 

210-787-4555 info@WestoverMedicalPlaza.com

9018 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251

9026 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251

The Power of Numbers

Net savings for an average office size over large professional building

2nd and 3rd year Net rate is projected to increase from $26 to $30/sqft, still realizing Net rate savings comparable to a Medical Assistant salary

Net lease split down:

210-787-4555 info@WestoverMedicalPlaza.com